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Bright Rain is an Orlando-based Advertising & Marketing Company built on collaboration. But our collaboration extends far beyond four walls. See, we believe collaboration is the foundation of any successful relationship, so we involve our clients every step of the way.  After all, nobody likes surprises.

Our services cover the entire traditional and digital spectrum, with some disruption, envelope pushing and edginess thrown in for good measure. Whether you’re trying to build a powerful brand, re-establish market share, or drive revenue, we’ll do whatever it takes to find a solution that works. It’s that simple.
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"Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art and good writing can be good selling" - William Bernbach
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  Who We Are

Bob Sitter
Chief Executive Officer
Ken Bowser
Chief Creative Officer
Dave Garsh
Chief Growth Officer
Aaron Rullo
Director of Digital Services
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"Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on" - Jerry Dell Famina
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  What We Do

At Bright Rain, how we do things is just as important as what we do. We don’t just do digital. We don’t just do creative. And we don’t just do media. We do whatever it takes to solve our client’s business and marketing problems. Every marketing solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of every client. Our collaborative approach includes analytics, a strategic plan and efficient execution upon that plan. Along the way, we build a set of custom metrics that will tell us, and our clients, just how successful we are, in real time, with easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting vehicles.

Although our creative roots go deep, we’ve learned over the years that really effective creative needs to be grounded in a well-devised strategy. With that in mind, we have a marketing process that starts with gaining the insights and knowledge of our clients’ product or service, its present fit within the marketplace, along with its potential. We then build a strategic marketing plan before anything else happens. That process and the learnings we get from our “deep dives” will ensure the ultimate success of every other phase of our work. It hasn’t failed us yet!

  • Branding Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Purchase Journey Mapping
  • Positioning
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Market Testing
  • Consumer Insights
  • ROI Measurement Setup

Gone are the days when Creative Directors, Art Directors and Copywriters relied solely on gut instinct to determine whether a visual would get noticed or a message would resonate with a specific consumer. That’s not to say that experience, style, taste and execution aren’t important. At Bright Rain, we take a scientific, surgical approach to our creative with the use of focus groups and A-B testing of ideas and concepts. By the time they go out, we know that our messages will connect with the right people, within the right demographic, at precisely the right moment. Pretty pictures and colorful words are great. But they’re even better when you know for certain that they’re going to hit their mark.

  • Conceptualization
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Point of Purchase
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Web Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics

It never ceases to amaze us what passes for digital marketing out there in the agency world. First of all, we view digital marketing and social marketing as different brothers from the same mother; but we’ll get to social later. To us, the world of Digital Marketing is more than banner ads and PPC. It’s about a multi-layered, multi-dimensional sphere that surrounds each consumer and allows us to offer up a custom-designed, custom-targeted array of messages that build one-to-one relationships between our clients and their customers and prospects. We are experts in eCommerce, lead generation, marketing automation, analytics and oh yes, banner ad campaigns and PPC.

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • E-Commerce
  • Geo Targeting
  • Re-marketing
  • Lead Gen
  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Optimization

We engage our media team from the very beginning, working with strategy, creative, analytics, social, digital and public relations to build the best communications platform possible. This collaboration helps us choose the most efficient and effective delivery system for our clients’ message. Even the most creative message is wasted unless it reaches the right consumer, at the right time, with the right power. That’s why we use the term “integrated media”. Our team is highly experienced in all sizes, shapes and types of media, and we put no boundaries on our selections. The media that will deliver our clients’ goals is the media we will choose.

  • Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Digital
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Out of Home
  • National
  • Local
  • Cable
  • Direct Response

We don’t consider ourselves “social butterflies” – more like social directors. We use the science from other fields – psychology, sociology and mathematics – to help direct our social marketing efforts. It’s more than just posting as many times as you can in a week. It’s about understanding how people and prospects interact with the messages they receive. It’s about building relationships, trust and an ongoing dialog, which is really the essence of branding when you think about it. So we won’t promise you a minimum number of posts per week or try to fool you with millions of impressions that are meaningless. We promise our clients a well-thought-out social plan with goals and objectives tied to their specific needs, and of course measurable results!

  • Social Campaigns
  • Post Management
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Programs
  • Community Building & Activation
  • Content Blogging
  • Content Creation

Don’t zone out just yet. Analytics are actually one of the most interesting pieces of the puzzle. What happened? How did it happen? How can we make it better? We put just as much time and energy into understanding outcomes as we do into the planning stages. How else can we determine what works? Our custom dashboards are built to give our clients a near real-time view of what is happening with their marketing campaign, from start to finish. Everything we do is researched, tested, measured and reported on an ongoing basis – and the client gets to see it all play out. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to bore them at all.

  • Web Analytics
  • ROI Measurement
  • Attribution Studies
  • Market Research
  • Shopper Insights
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Engagement Response Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Lead Gen Analytics
  • Audience Tracking
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"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative" - David Ogilvy
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  Why Bright Rain?

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That’s simple. Once we understand a client’s business and long- and short-term needs, we need to decide what value we bring to the partnership. We have four basic questions we ask ourselves before entering into a client partnership:

Can we be of strategic importance to the client?
What is our value horizon?
What will our economic impact be on the client?
Are we uniquely qualified to serve this client?

Make sure you ask yourselves these questions when searching for your new ad agency. If the answers aren’t evident, you may want to speak with us. We have the answers.
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"Any fool can write a bad ad. It takes a genius to keep his hands off a good one" - Leo Burnett
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  Our Added Value

Engage, Capture and Deliver are three vital partnerships that allow us to expand our reach, influence and abilities far beyond those of a typical agency our size. These companies traditionally limit their partners to top brands, like Unilever or P&G, so we’re flattered by their vote of confidence. It is our clients who truly benefit from the shared expertise though.


This is the hottest buzzword in the digital world right now. Everyone wants to know how to move from likes and follows to organic engagement. As the name suggests, we have the answer.


Nothing is more valuable than data. This partnership provides access to over 500,000 panelists across the country who regularly scan all of their retail cash register receipts from weekly shopping trips.


Our media partner is one of the largest, if not the largest, buyer and seller of traditional and digital media in the world.

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"We shall become a company of giants"- David Ogilvy"
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  Brand Incubator

This is a hybrid advertising and marketing service only available to clients who meet a specific set of criteria. First, we need to be convinced of the product's viability and its long-term growth potential. Next, we add up the numbers to ensure both long- and short-term profit potential. To do this, we research the product and the competitive landscape it will live in. If it passes the test, we bring the client into the fold. The Brand Incubator focuses on brands in three basic situations: startups, emerging brands and re-emerging brands.
  • Startups

    Startups can either be new product offerings from existing multi-brand companies, well capitalized startups or high-potential new products that we ourselves might invest in.

  • Emerging Brands

    Emerging brands usually have already established a regional brand that is ready to gain national distribution and increase sales, or a national brand that is ready to greatly increase its sales penetration within its existing distribution channels.

  • Re-Emerging Brands

    Re-emerging brands are those who must quickly re-position themselves due to a loss in market share, or those at the end of the product life cycle that must accomplish significant product re-branding and reorganization before they can compete successfully.

Benefits to the client include the resources, expertise and guidance of an experienced firm with national reach and a partner who has "been there before".
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"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising"- Mark Twain
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  Let's Work Together


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"I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand." - Confucius
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